Welcome Team DeltaCorps for our Capacity Building Year

Over the summer we were excited to receive the news that our application to the Delta Regional Authority for the 2018 DeltaCorps program was successful.

With DRA’s support, we recruited and have now on-boarded three new team members, PlayBuild’s very first full-time team.

In September, Aly Briscoe joined us at our Partnerships Coordinator and volunteer Katie Fronek, transitioned in to a full-time role as our Volunteer Coordinator. Then in October, we recruited Haley Crane to join us as our Events Coordinator.

DeltaCorps service members attend a Girl Scouts event in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October 2017. From left, Partnerships Coordinator Aly Briscoe, Events Coordinator Haley Crane, and Volunteers Coordinator Katie Fronek.

These three team members will be with us for one year helping us build capacity by creating systems and processes to help us triple the number of low-income kids that we serve in our neighborhood and events programs, and stabilize our numbers of active volunteers.

The team is being supervised by our Founding Advisory Board member, Lisa Osborne  in the role of Interim Program Manager. The team is also being advised by Angela Herbert, former Head of After School and Extracurricular Programming at First Line Schools.

Team PlayBuild is currently working out of the Blue House a few blocks from Thalia Street.